Thursday, June 29, 2017

FB posts

My life-Defined
We met, saw each other
 I was shy , so you were
 Eyes spoke more than words
 Those moments are mine
We shared
 We felt the closeness
 I was a kid with Memories
 I'm an adult with many stories
Love and care assured
 Dreamer admired
 Gentle touch Happy heart
 New hope of life

Im not as beautiful as you look
 Instead,I can see views of beautiful look
 Im not as perfect as you work
 Instead, Im passionated towards the task
 Im not as sincere as you care
 Instead, I wont miss to love to the core
 Im not as you judge on me
 Instead, Im not having any arguements with me
I could see the difference between you and me
 I use this to make better of me