Thursday, December 29, 2011


Do it or not
Determine it-Work

Say it or not
Think on it-Words

Walk or stand alone
Don't take wrong path-Life way

Save it or not
Help others-Money

Dream or not
Have a wish-Success

Accept it or not
Love others-Love,Humanity

Take it or not
Respect others- Humbleness

Its..So called Life
Comes only once
Live it happily
Keep smiling :)

Saturday, November 5, 2011


The day i started to write a blog, i was very much comfortable with mother-tongue. This is my first attempt in British language.

A pleasant evening. Sun was in red color and a mild breeze. I was push back to my 4 years of engineering hostel life-especially my room. The hostel room window was the favorite place to sit, feel the happiness and sadness. The day i started to live in hostel was the first day to stay away from parents and study.
The big problem with hostel life-first year- is home sickness. At the beginning, quite natural sadness which every one will feel who are hostel dweller . I was one among them. Evening silence,during study hours, have made me to cry for several times.

I stayed in a hostel which has following few strict rules.
1. You are not supposed to use cell phones. Use one rupee coin booth.(Aft
er study hours or before study hours)
2. Attend the prayer by 6 o clock followed by a "Bell". Regular attendance of hostelers.
3. After that study hours till 10.30. 7.30-8.30-supper time

As cell phone usage was prohibited, i used to wait(usual waiting) for a call from home that too only during supper time. :(
I started to enjoy the hostel life after one year of experience, till then i was missing homely environment badly. The days will be good if you have good room mates. I was the lucky one to get good, nice buddies as my room mates. :)

We used to study together. It was the peak time to enjoy during internals, sem exams. Late night studies , studying only important questions, exchange of note books. Apart from studies there were so many other things to enjoy. Sit in a circle and have packets of chips :), home made foods(usually after vacations). Gossips were the most interesting things which was a kit-kat break . We used to try re-collecting funny moments of college hours, discuss upon it and put forward our thoughts to it. It was my favorite. "How much did you finish?" "How many units are left unread?" "Did you study that,this question?" "Can i skip reading this rubbish topics?" these were the most common sharing questions among us ,during exam time :) If you study regularly, you will be treated as a bookworm :) Study was applicable only during exam. Whenever we start reading, after usual chit-chat, we will start to yawn and will feel to take a nap for a while. Ask our friends to wake up us after 10 minutes(not more than 15 minutes). Then continue studying. I still wonder how could i memorize things which was read in sleepy mood :P

Birthday celebrations, surprise gifts , lots of birthday wishes are unflappable moments to remember. Watching movies with friends(in low volume, as watching movie in a regular hours of hostel was breaking rules of hostel)

There are untold, inexpressive matters and moments also. :)

If you are staying in a hostel, you will not be unknown to any one. You will get good friends(i have lots lots of good friends) as well as good-bad experiences. You will start to live an independent life. Experience things in a different way. You will be surprised to see different characteristics of people together. You will get to know the impact of group strength.

Despite of being in a strict hostel, i enjoyed it. I have spent the most precious time of my life with my room mates and friends. Now i am missing it.

I can say i had a wonderful small journey in hostel. I am thankful to every one who are responsible for happy moments.

I know , now you have started to refresh your hostel life experiences. Cherish your life with past good moments, let bad things go vanished.