Friday, March 16, 2012

L(Love) I(Ignited) F(Filled) E(Ever)....:)

I born..
I cried..
I smiled..
I laughed..
I crawled..
I stood up..
I walked..
I danced..

I loved..
I cared..
I worked..
I ......

I'm dead..

If you define a human life cycle like this, every one goes through these phase.. But we can define our own Life Cycle by adding to "I" ... Sweet fruitful life will be ahead..

If you have the rights of creating your own life, why to worry? why to be jealous..Be yourself.. Construct your lovely life hood..

Laugh till your heart cries..
Smile till your face fades to red..
Cry till you hear the sob...

Live.. Let others live.. :) :)