Friday, April 20, 2012

A small light

Sometimes we feel we lost everything
That is not an end,
Can you see at the end of tunnel
a small light is waiting for you
To lead your life towards success

Will you?

I am a blind
Can you see me?
I am a dumb
Can you speak to me?
I am a loser
Will you care for me?

Friday, March 16, 2012

L(Love) I(Ignited) F(Filled) E(Ever)....:)

I born..
I cried..
I smiled..
I laughed..
I crawled..
I stood up..
I walked..
I danced..

I loved..
I cared..
I worked..
I ......

I'm dead..

If you define a human life cycle like this, every one goes through these phase.. But we can define our own Life Cycle by adding to "I" ... Sweet fruitful life will be ahead..

If you have the rights of creating your own life, why to worry? why to be jealous..Be yourself.. Construct your lovely life hood..

Laugh till your heart cries..
Smile till your face fades to red..
Cry till you hear the sob...

Live.. Let others live.. :) :)

Sunday, January 22, 2012

From-Bus memories-Diaries

I used to go to native ,during engg-holidays, by Bus. Usually it was a horrible time to pick up me for parents.Because, the bus was reaching by around 2:00 AM. Although each time i used to come across with different cultured people who used to start speaking with me :) I never
disappoint anyone who speaks to me.

I can still memorize a moment is:
I boarded the GOVT bus( destination-some Uttara Karnataka place) . I sat with a middle aged woman( can call her as "AUNT"). She started to speak about her, her family. She gave me her ear phone to listen songs :O ( I was not having mobile with me). Although it was strange introduction with her, i din't refuse to nod my head to her speech. She was travelling to attend a marriage function @ Udupi. We were about to reach Udupi in few minutes. She started to open her bag, before that she had done a small dictation of her bro. She showed her bro's photos without knowing me properly :O. She din't ask me to search a girl for him also ;) CONFUSED~
SHOCKED was my turn.

Second moment was:
I was coming back from Hampanakatta(Place in Mangalore). An old man stepped into the bus. He was holding a big file of documents. As there were no places for him to sit, i just got up and made a place for him . After few minutes, i also got a seat and bus moved. The old man came back to me, he sat next to me. He thanked me. And asked about myself. I just elaborated it in few sentences. O god, he started to praise his daughter, son and his wife. I think i couldn't concentrate more on his words- were not clear !!! Still, i got so many info about him. He followed a love marriage. There was a 20 minutes-one sided conversation :) But at last he praised me and blessed me. I don't remember his name also.

One more thing was:
I was on the way to Kukke Subrahmanya . I met a lady, she was also on the same way. We din't speak much. But obviously the conversation happened. We got down at the same point. She asked my mobile number, i din't think much and gave number too. If she was a good lady, there was no problem. If she was a bad lady also, no problem too. I lost, both , mobile and sim :) Then, on wards, i din't try to reveal personal number.

I got a good friend:)
It was on the occasion of my cousin's marriage. I was returning back,in train. I was sitting beside a pretty smart girl. We just finished our introduction with each other. Then i just kept myself quiet. I put ear plug-gins and started to enjoy the songs. As her mobile battery was low, she asked that do you have any good songs?. I shared ear-plugins with her. It was nice to meet her. She was very sweet. We exchanged our phone info. Still she used to send forwards, even though she changes her number frequently :) The contact is saved as "Train Friend". We planned to meet each other in Mangalore, it is not executed. :)

I will always rejoice these moments.

I remember "Vani"-she was the best companion :)

Monday, January 9, 2012


It happens with a reason
It is so called LOVE

It happened without reason
It is so called PURE LOVE

You pretend to be happy
It is so called DUTY

Gain or Loss, retain the
same thing
It is so called ACCEPTANCE

You help a person to talk,
It is so called KINDNESS

Control your anger and talk
It is so called PATIENCE

All together construct
a life cycle
Enjoy all life's miracles

Life is not permanent.
Good-bad things/works last forever.
Uncertain exit of a person from life hurts a lot.
Existence doesn't know its END.
Unanswered questions are still alive.

LIFE!! Declared!!!Defined!!!Called!!! :)