Friday, February 8, 2013

The first thing I do ... Smile :)

Smile, until that you were not dressed up well. I second that thought. Laugh, smile are good indicators of drafting a lovely life.  Give a smile to a stranger, it reflects back. Exchange of smile starts an interaction. Smile has the capacity of building a good relationship. Start a conversation with a smile. Words may fail to convey the message, but SMILE never misses the chance of transmitting the message.
I always start the day with Smile. It boosts up me, encourages me, blossoms the day. I consider SMILE as an energy pill for a day. Smile will cover up the bad things that are going to happen with us.  You will forget bad, difficult things in a minute when you are smiling.
If it takes a beautiful picture with a cute smile, why can’t you wear it daily and make a series of beautiful pictures life.
I strongly believe the fact that SMILE never harms you. If you accept anything with a smile on your face, it will never disappoint you.  You can’t attract a child with frown face. But within a second smiling face attracts a child.
Happiness is a package of SMILE. If you smile, people surround you will start smiling. If you continue this chain the environment around you seems to be happy.
When you are travelling in a train or bus, look into the window and feel the cool breeze and interact with the people who are moving on the road with a waving hand along with a smile. It makes a difference. Smile, you will not feel the heavy heart. You will be relaxed.
Life is short, why can’t we make it beautiful in a short while with a SMILE J Why can’t you make someone and yourself happy with your smile. Now it’s your choice to “SMILE” or “Be FROWN”. Hope I can see the person, who is reading this, is SMILING J

(Tried to translate a poem which was written in Kannada.)
It’s enough to smile, right?
I was remembering old memories
I was touched with lovely words
It has spread peace, happiness
Engulfed with feelings
It’s enough to SMILE J

I was playing
I fell down
I was crying
I was consoled with love filled words
It’s enough to SMILEJ

I was in trouble
I found everything difficult
I was suggested an easiest way
And I was relaxed
It’s enough to SMILEJ

I was writing a poem
I couldn’t connect words
I found a beautiful line in a second
It’s enough to SMILE J

I was playing with a child
She hugged me
She didn’t leave me
I found an innocence love in her
It’s enough to SMILEJ

Do you need a strong reason to SMILE?
No Right?
It’s enough to SMILE??!! J